Beth Chaim Congregation
Danville, CA

Stained Glass Window
Project Journal
December 18, 2007

installation begins

examining the parts

Scott Garritson brings in the side panels to begin the installation of the Beth Chaim Ark, while Harold Brevig and Dave examine parts of the transom arch

Seting up the panels
Leveling the steel beam
The two side panels are set up and then joined by the steel beam
securing the beam to the wall
checking the tolerances
Harold, Scott and Dave check for clearance of the steel beam to the wall
Using a flashlight, Harold and Scott check the tolerances of the rolling door tracks
clearing the baseboard
removing the obstacles
cutting back the baseboard
The structure is canted away from the wall to work on the baseboard molding Harold cuts out the cherry baseboard which will restrict the movement of the ark door
dealing with deviations from plumb
hanging the ark door
The ark door is hung after the beam is affixed to the wall
correcting the wallboard
setting the arch
The steel transom from and wooden arch are assembled to each other and brought into position above the steel beam
securing the arch
checking for perfect center
The arch is meticulously checked for positioning over the beam and to the center of the room
bringing the side panel
reading the sidepanel
Michelle brings over the sidelight panels for installation to the steel frames
checking the arch for plumb
David helps Scott check for alignment of the steel transom frame
The transom frame is checked for plumb, before being permanently bolted to the steel beam
setting the transom glass
four glass panels
The transom stained glass is installed to the steel ached frame, as Scott checks for parallel
hanging the outter doors
checking the outer door for clearance
Harold begins the process of hanging and adjusting the outer wooden doors
harold working on the outer door
routing the door bottom
The outer doors are checked for plumb and alignment and then removed for routing to prepare them to accept the base track
adejusting the door setting up the doors
setting the transom window
Harold exactingly works on the wooden doors to ready them for final hanging Both doors are placed into position, while Harold works on the base track.
preparing the door track
fine tuning the doors
Dave drills the base track while Harold positions the wooden door stops in the rolling tracks

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