8" Tohu v'vohu Plate, Blue
Stained Glass
and Judaica
David and Michelle
This plate is etched with a design of the random array of Hebrew letters, "Tohu v'Vohu."
eight inch plate dimensions
Size: 7 1/4"x1 1/4"
Color: Blue, Red
Material: Sandblasted slumped glass
Shipping Weight:  



Text on enclosure:
" Tohu v' Vohu: Sandblast etched and slumped glass. Scholars and mystics, throughout the ages, have attributed a symbolic powe to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. "Tohu v' Vohu," the formless void, was a primordial soup of Hebrew letters, before creation (Genisis 2:1) the raw material from which G-d creates the universe."


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