Date Posted
1-1-14 Designing the Ark for Temple Beth El Ark Design 3:41
1-15-14 Plachte-Zuieback Art Glass Stained glass window installations 2:20
1-16-14 A Constructive Processfor Working with Committees Working with committees 4:16
1-16-14 The Dirty Work of Preparing to Assemble a Stained Glass Window Stained glass window fabrication technique 2:39
1-16-14 Where Do Our Ideas Come From? Stained Glass Window Design 4:37
1-17-14 The Shirley Levine Beit Midrash Creation Windows Window desciption for Heschel School 6:45
1-17-14 Collaborating on the design is easy Working with committees 4:10
1-18-14 Who installs the stained glass windows? Stained Glass Window Installation 1:52
1-19-14 “It is a Tree of Life” Stained glass in the Lopati Chapel Window description for VBS Lopati Chapel 9:22
1-20-14 “All its ways are pleasantness…” Stained glass at The Temple, Nashville, TN Window description: The Temple, Nashville 9:03
1-21-14 Let’s maximize the site visit Working with committees 4:24
  Preparing for Fabrication Stained glass window fabrication technique 1:07
1-23-14 Creating a custom mask for painting on glass Stained glass window fabrication technique 2:19
1-24-14 Reinforcing stained glass windows with steel bars Stained glass window fabrication technique 2:42
1-24-14 “Ten Obligations Without Measure” Stained glass for Congregation Shomrei Torah, Santa Rosa, CA Window description: Shomrei Torah, Santa Rosa 5:06
1-23-14 Finishing the assembly: Soldering and glazing the stained glass window Stained glass window fabrication technique 5:57
1-24-14 The Role of the Synagogue: What does our committee need to do to help the process flow? Working with committees 4:03
1-24-14 “Jacob’s Ladder” Stained Glass at Temple Emanu-El, San Diego, CA Window description: Temple E'manuel San Diego 3:09
1-24-14 Jewish Life Cycle Events: Stained Glass for The Preskin Outdoor Chapel, Temple Valley Shalom, Encino, CA Window Description: VBS Preskin Chapel 11:27
1-24-14 “You Shall Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” Temple Valley Beth Shalom, Encino, CA Window description: VBS upstairs gallery 2:38
1-24-14 Choosing a stained glass artist Working with committees 3:18
1-25-14 Do we want to use stained glass in our sanctuary? Working with committees 3:07
1-25-14 The Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School Values Windows Window description: Heschel School  
1-21-14 Plachte-Zuieback Art Glass Selected works introduction 2:20
1-7-14 Assembling Stained Glass Windows Stained Glass fabrication technique 3:50

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