8" Pomegranate Indivdual Seder Plate, Red
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  The pomegranate is a symbol of Torah, by virtue of it's 613 seeds. It is also one of the three fruits brought out of Caanan, by Joshua, on his survey of the land.
The Pomegranate Seder Set includes six of these 8" individual pastry plates for use during the Passover Seder to distribute maror, matzo, harosets and greens to the guests at the Seder table.
Size: 8" Diameter
Color: Blue, Red
Material: Sandblasted slumped glass
Shipping Weight: 2 pounds



Text on enclosure:
" The pomegranate, with it's 613 seeds, is a symbol of Torah and the 613 mitzvotThe pomegranate is also a symbol of regeneration, vitality and new beginnings The 'Shehechianu' prayer is inscribed on the rim."


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